The Ryobi Brad Nailer Review

The Ryobi Brad Nailer Review

There are times when you will need a brad nailer. Maybe it is a small, simple little project. The kind of project which will go much faster with a brad nailer. On the other hand most brad nailers require a compressor for the pneumatic punch. So, there you are, left weighing up the options.

 Do you bother using a brad nailer at all, if you are going to have to spend time setting up the compressor, or do you just go for the good, old-fashioned hammer? How about a brad nailer that runs off rechargeable batteries? How about a brad nailer that does not need disposable gas canisters? A brad nailer that is ready to go when you are. Then the Ryobi Brad Nailer is probably what you are looking for.

Introducing the Ryobi Brad Nailer

Ryobi was founded in 1943 manufacturing die cast products. In 1968 Ryobi began manufacturing power tools. With almost 50 years’ history in the manufacture of power tools, Ryobi has drawn on this experience to produce the Ryobi Brad Nailer.

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With its long history manufacturing quality machinery and equipment, Ryobi opened a manufacturing plant in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1985. This plant has continued to produce quality Ryobi products for more than thirty years now.

Features of the Ryobi Brad Nailer

The Ryobi Brad Nailer is battery-powered by an 18 V rechargeable battery; so, does not require a compressor or disposable gas canisters. The Ryobi Brad Nailer has a tool free countersink depth adjuster allowing brad nails to be counter sunk to the required depth.

The Ryobi Brad Nailer is remarkably lightweight, when the battery is not included, at a paltry 6 pounds. The Ryobi Brad Nailer comes with built-in LED lights to highlight the target area and has a dry fire lockout function preventing it from firing when no nails are loaded.

A Quick Summary of the Key features ​

  • ​Battery-Powered (18V)
  • ​Tool free countersink depth adjustment
  • ​Dry fire lockout - prevents firing when no nails loaded
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    Built-in LED lights to highlight target area
  • arrow-circle-right
    Very light weight at 6 pounds
  • arrow-circle-right
    No compressor needed

​what we like about the Ryobi Brad Nailer

The number one feature that would have to really appeal to us about the Ryobi Brad Nailer would have to be the convenience of not needing a compressor in order to make it work. While there are definitely advantages in using a compressor to power your brad nailer it is certainly nice not needing to get out and set up an air compressor whenever you want to use the brad nailer.

This will be especially true in the case of small jobs, where needing to get out and set up an air compressor would be disproportionately time-consuming. When it comes to convenience, the Ryobi Brad Nailer would have to be one of the best brad nailers for simply and easily being ready to use straight away.

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The Ryobi Brad Nailer weighs in at only 6 pounds (without the battery). Even with the battery, the Ryobi Brad Nailer is still sufficiently light to be easily used. This makes the Ryobi Brad Nailer an ideal tool for professionals and the home handy person alike.

One remarkable feature that the Ryobi Brad Nailer has, unlike many of its competition, is two built-in LED lights that can be used in dim lighting conditions. This may sound like an unnecessary extravagance to add to a brad nailer however shadows and poor lighting are commonplace amongst some indoor projects.

Another unusual feature that the Ryobi Brad Nailer has, which makes it stand out from its competition, is dry fire lockout. In essence should the brad nail magazine be empty, the Ryobi Brad Nailer will not fire.

One way to shorten the lifespan of any tool, but especially power tools, is dry firing of them. Ryobi has given careful thought to this possibility and designed a clever solution for extending the life of this brad nailer. It is this attention to detail that we especially like about the Ryobi Brad Nailer.

As with any good quality brad nailer, the Ryobi Brad Nailer has the ability to easily set the countersink depth, for your brads without requiring any additional tools. One expects this from a good Brad nailer and Ryobi is no exception.

What we do not like about the Ryobi Brad Nailer

One of the main strengths of the Ryobi Brad Nailer is that it is powered using an 18 V lithium ion battery. The Ryobi Brad Nailer is sold as a bare unit without the required rechargeable battery being provided.

This can easily lead to some one buying the Ryobi Brad Nailer without a battery and then being unable to use it when required. If you are already an owner of Ryobi battery-powered tools, then there is a good chance that you will already have the required battery pack. 

For first-time users of Ryobi this can definitely catch them out. Even if you already have existing Ryobi battery-powered tools, another rechargeable lithium ion battery never goes astray. While this is disappointing, it is easily remedied by remembering to buy the requisite battery (and charger) at the same time as you purchase your Ryobi Brad Nailer.

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As with all brad nailers available on the market, there are always going to be a small number of users who have problems with jammings and misfires. It is important to remember that all brad nailers are quite complex power tools. There can be many reasons why a Brad nailer will jam or misfire. In some cases, this may be due to improper use.

Some of the users that experienced a problem with the Ryobi Brad Nailer, found it was easily fixed by cleaning and lubricating the driver with a suitable oil after which the brad nailer worked well. Given that the majority of users experienced no problem with using the Ryobi Brad Nailer, we do not feel that this is something to worry about as such potential problems will be found with all brad nailers.

Where To Buy The Ryobi Brad Nailer

The Ryobi Brad Nailer is a remarkable power tool. It will come as no surprise to you, to learn that it can be found for sale at all good, reputable online stores, stores such as Amazon.


If you are looking for a quick, easy to use brad nailer that does not require disposable gas canisters, or setting up an air compressor in the Ryobi Brad Nailer is what you are looking for. With all the features that you would expect from a good quality brad nailer, and a few extra bonus features; then you need to get the Ryobi Brad Nailer today.

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