The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer Review

The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer Review

There comes a time when you need a brad nailer. You could spend hours with a hammer and nails painstakingly banging each one into your trimming. Alternatively, you could risk splitting your trimming (or other material) with a heavier gauge finishing nail gun. Sometimes, in order to save yourself time, money and lots of frustration, it can be best to use a brad nailer at the start.

When looking for a quality brad nailer, from an established brand, that is lightweight and easy to use, you would be hard pressed to ignore the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer.

Introducing The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer

Porter-Cable was started in 1906 out of a garage in Syracuse, New York. It was not until the 1920s that Porter-Cable began to specialize in portable electric power tools, inventing amongst other things the portable electric belt sander, the helical drive circular saw and the world’s first floor sander.

With such a proud history in innovative power tools, it is no wonder that Porter-Cable is a brand that is known and trusted by many Americans.


With this well-established history in portable power tools, it is no surprise that Porter-Cable began producing pneumatic nailers in the 1990s.

Features Of The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer

The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer is a Lithium-ion battery-powered, cordless brad nailer that does not require a compressor, hose or gas cartridge. Being electrically powered Brad Nailer, rather than a pneumatically powered brad nailer, helps to make the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer a light weight 8.1 pounds.

As one would expect from any good brad nailer there is an adjustable countersink depth that does not require tools to change, as well as a tool free jam release.

A Quick Summary Of The Key Features That Make The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer Stand Out From The Competition

  • ​Cordless
  • ​Battery-powered (no compressor, hose or gas cartridges) using Lithium ion batteries
  • ​Countersink depth adjustment wheel
  • arrow-circle-right
    Tool free jam release
  • arrow-circle-right
    Lightweight at 8.1 pounds

​What We Like About The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer

One of the biggest advantages that the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer has over many other brad nailers available on the market as that it does not require the use of a compressor, hose or any gas cartridges. The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer is powered by a 20V lithium ion battery and has a charger included.

One of the common disadvantages of many other brad nailers and other types of nail guns is the requirement for a compressor and hose or the use of gas cartridges. While the use of gas cartridges can be useful, finding and replacing them can sometimes be expensive.

We like the fact that the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer does not require a bulky compressor with gas hose or require potentially expensive consumable gas cartridges.

Many users have commented in reviews online that they found the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer to look and feel solid and well built. When it comes to Porter-Cable products we would expect nothing less, however it is reassuring to read from users reviews online that this is so.


One thing that many users commented on and which we feel is important in a Brad Nailer, such as the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer, is that it is very easy to operate. Nobody needs a tool that requires a university degree in order to use. We find it reassuring that the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer was found by many users to be simple and easy to operate.

As one expects from a quality brad nailer, the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer has an adjustable countersink depth, allowing for a consistent and easily set depth.

As one would expect from a good quality brad nailer the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer is able to use brad nails ranging in length between 5/8th – 2 inches. This seems to be standard amongst such good quality brad nailers.

Another feature of the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer that we like, and which is often found amongst good quality brad nailers, is the ability to free and release any jams that may occur without requiring any additional tools.

Brad nailers can jam for many reasons that have nothing to do with their manufacture. We find it reassuring that Porter-Cable are pragmatic enough to have an easy-to-use means for clearing jams that does not require some specialist tool.

What We Do Not Like About The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer

One of the more common frustrations that some users made in their reviews online, was the lack of a carry case or bag for the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer. Some users were concerned about potential damage to the nose of the brad nailer however this was easily solved by buying a tool bag for it.


Yes - a tool case or carry bag for the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer would be a nice addition however this no doubt adds unnecessary cost to users who would not need a case. In the end if you want or need a case or bag for the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer it is just as easy to buy one separately.

As with any reviews online some users commented on problems getting their Porter-Cable Brad Nailer to work properly. I have yet to see any manufacturer, no matter how good their quality control, who does not have some negative reviews. Some users may not know how to use a brad nailer correctly. Ultimately Porter-Cable provides a three-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

Where To Buy The Porter-Cable Brad Nailer

As one would expect from a brad nailer with Porter-Cable’s reputation, this quality tool is available at all good reputable online stores, such as Amazon.


When looking for a brad nailer that is easy to use and does not require a bulky compressor or expensive gas cylinders, the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer is just what you are looking for. With a Lithium-ion battery, adjustable countersink depth and a tool free jam release mechanism the Porter-Cable Brad Nailer is difficult to compete with. Don’t believe us - then why not give it a try.

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